Where to find akutz VC plug-ins

I got asked this today, because this post is now out of date and the location of Andrew Kutz’s VC plug-ins have moved from his original site lostcreations. I’m throwing this up here so Google can lead others to the right place. Specfically, he’s got the Console, Invoke, and SVMotion plug-ins up there. His guide to his back-door plug-in methodology (which remember is unsupported and is being superceded by official mechanisms) is on his publications page.

Link: Can’t find my VMware utilities? « akutz’s blog.

You can access all of my VMware utilities at
There have been several requests for these utilities, and I simply do
not have the time right now to create binaries for all of them. I am
also waiting to see what will happen at VMworld and how it affects the
plug-in architecture. Once that is more definitively known then I will
resume my work on plug-ins.


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