VMworld 2008 is weeks away. There will be plenty of themed merchandise available on site, have no doubt. If you can’t wait until then (or if you’d like to be fashionable while walking the halls of the Venetian), check out VMdigest’s shop on cafepress for your virtualization-themed t-shirts. "Virtual Goddess", "Mainframe: virtual since 1967", and "Physical Sucks" are some of the slogans on display. Shown here: "Saving the planet, one VM at a time".

Remember, the VMware Store is still available and also has shirts and the like from last year’s VMworld, which I still think are the best conference shirts I’ve seen. (Haven’t seen this year’s yet.)

This one‘s not bad either.

Whatever you’re wearing, stop by the Communities Lounge at VMworld. I hear there are ways to earn a t-shirt there as well, and I suspect if this year is anything like last year, you might want to leave a bit of extra room in your suitcase.