Once again, more blogs to read on Planet V12n

The virtualization world keeps growing, and in an attempt to keep up with our little corner of it, we’ve added some great new blogs to Planet V12n.

It’s been a while since we’ve had an update, so I had to hunt through my inbox and bookmarks to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anybody, and I’m sure I have. If you’ve contacted VMware or me about being included here and you still aren’t, drop me a line (jtroyer@ …). Here are some ground rules, though:

  • I’m looking for material that is "bloglike" — either commentary/opinion or technical content. I haven’t included great news/feature sites like virtualization.com and Virtual Strategy Magazine, but I’ll be pulling the existing news feeds out into a separate section soon and these kinds of sites can all go there. In the meantime check out Eric Siebert’s Top 10 news and information websites that VMware administrators must visit.

  • You should be creating original content, not just excerpting other blog articles, press releases, or kb articles. (And in no case should you be reprinting entire pieces of content if you don’t have permission. Read about Fair Use if you’re not familiar with the concept.)

  • You should update regularly and have a track record of consistent activity on your blog. Wait a month or two to see if job duties or kids or simply inclination interferes with you keeping your blog going.
  • Official corporate blogs are OK, but the blog should be of general interest and not just devoted to your commercial activities. Two new corporate blogs I’ve added are from partners Tripwire and Dell, but if you take a look you’ll see that they talking about more than just their products.

  • The content should be primarily about virtualization. It can absolutely mention non-VMware virtualization, but VMware should be in there somewhere because that’s what our readers are interested in. If you talk about general technical topics or non-technical topics, please create a feed that contains only your virtualization or VMware category. I’m actually very interested in your fishing trip or even your tips on setting up a firewall, but the amount of content is overwhelming as it is, so we have to stay focused. If a little non-virtualization stuff creeps in, well, no worries. We are talking about blogs, after all.

  • Linking to you and aggregating your content implies no endorsement of you or your company by VMware, and only the editorial judgment of one human who is trying to create an interesting resource for virtualization practitioners. I reserve the right to remove you at any time for any reason, and I promise I will remove you promptly if you ask.

And I’d like to give a special shout-out to our friends in Redmond for the brand spankin’ new VirtualizationFeed.com, which aggregates virtualization feeds (obviously with a little more emphasis on the Hyper-V side of the scale). Aside from having a nicer URL than we do, this is also a place to view what’s going on over at Twitter. And Patrick linked to us, which was nice. I’m going to have to step up my game here now that there’s competition in town!


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