Benefits of VMFS: new VMware Storage Blog

We welcome the newest blog on the block, the VMware Storage Blog. Scott Davis starts us off with a closer look at VMFS and its benefits.

Link: VMware: VMware Storage Blog: VMware’s "Proprietary" Clustered File System.

  1. VMware’s instant one click provisioning, including storage.
    Quick, easy provisioning of a new VM, OS and application that does not
    require physical storage LUN provisioning.
  2. Mobility/Portability. i.e Vmotion and storage Vmotion. In a virtual
    world, workloads should be abstracted from, not beholden to, physical
    storage. Just like they should be abstracted from physical servers.
  3. Encapsulation and HW Independence. VMs should be entirely
    encapsulated from the physical world. This simple, but critically
    important facet of virtualization unleashes the power of virtual
    infrastructure. For an example, look at VMware’s new Site Recovery
    Manager that enables DR solutions that no longer require identical
    hardware (and software) configurations at each site.
  4. Reduced complexity. SAN management is hard, complicated work. Why shouldn’t it be simplified?

The take-home? Eliminating the complexity of physical shared storage,
while still allowing you to access the physical disk if needed.

The new VMware Storage Blog joins the VMware Networking Blog and VI Team Blog in getting you your regular dose of VI news and helping you gain a greater understanding of virtualization.


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