Link: VMware: VI Team Blog: Storage VMotion and 10Gb Ethernet support for iSCSI SAN’s.

What is the new news?

In VMware Infrastructure version 3.5 we introduced Storage
VMotion, which does a live migration of virtual machine disk files from one
storage location to another without any disruption or downtime to virtual
machines and applications. Although Storage
VMotion is designed to work with any type of storage, it was initially supported
only with Fibre Channel SANs. As of Update 1, Storage VMotion is supported with
iSCSI SAN’s for moving virtual machine disk files in the following scenarios:

– From iSCSI SANs to other iSCSI SANs

– From iSCSI SANs to FibreChannel SANs

– From FibreChannel SANs to iSCSI SANs
In addition, we now support the use of 10Gb Ethernet for
iSCSI in a VMware Infrastructure environment.