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Tell us your story – win a MacBook Air!

As you start along the road to a virtualize data center — or enter into any enterprise technology project, for that matter — you realize that all the spreadsheets and powerpoint presentations are nothing compared to hearing from somebody who has actually implemented the solution in question. It’s one reason why going to a conference like VMworld or the Virtualization Forums are so powerful.

That kind of sharing and storytelling is powerful — hearing other satisfied users talking about the benefits of VMware virtualization, the rapid return on investment, and even how they all get promotions and raises for being so smart. It also shows that customers trust VMware more than any other virtualization platform, and that they’re willing to say so.

VMware offers a virtualization solution that gives us the reliability, performance and ease of management we need. For us, the most important thing about VMware products is that they are both hardware and operating-system agnostic. VMware lets us support many operating systems on any hardware, maximizing utilization and flexibility.

Christina Schriver
Director of Advanced Engineering, USi, an AT&T Company

We have so many customers who want to spread the word that we’ve recently revamped the whole section of the website where we list our customer stories. You can slice and dice by industry, country, and what they’re using VMware products to do.

To go along with the new section, we’ve also launched a VMware "Tell Us Your Story" contest where you can tell us your story and win a MacBook Air preloaded with VMware Fusion,  the most seamless way to run Windows on your Mac.

While we have lots of stories there, from startups to the Fortune 100, we would like to hear yours, and this time we’re raising the bar. I don’t want to sell server consolidation short, because that’s where many people start, but in 2008 there is so much more you can do with virtualization. That’s why we’re giving away seven (7) shiny featherweight new MacBook Air laptops (with Fusion) to the best stories in the following categories:

  • Running Microsoft Windows on VMware
  • Running Microsoft Exchange on VMware
  • Running SAP Software on VMware
  • Enterprise Desktop Management
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • IT Service Delivery / IT Process Automation
  • Green IT

The contest runs until June 27. See the contest page for rules and more information.


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  1. Running VMware Fusion on my MacBook (OS X 10.5.2) with Windows XP Professional. how do I get the iSight camera working in the windows environment?

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