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Cross-platform virtualization with Transitive: VMworld.com Expert Session

Transitive VP Ian Robinson holds court for the next two weeks over at VMworld.com at the Cross-platform Virtualization in the Enterprise Expert Session. Transitive does something quite interesting — they can dynamically translate from one machine architecture to another. This can be quite complementary to VMware and our flavor of virtualization. You can, for instance, take your apps compiled for the Solaris/SPARC platform, move them to your new x86 box running ESX and Linux and go to town.

Expert Session Overview
Cross-platform virtualization is the key to extending datacenter
virtual infrastructure beyond the confines of x86-based applications to
embrace all enterprise workloads. By deploying cross-platform
virtualization in conjunction with VMware, enterprise datacenter
managers can extend the acknowledged benefits of VMware (including
consolidation, rapid provisioning and recoverability) to legacy
applications created for non-x86 platforms. This session explains how
cross-platform virtualization works and discusses common enterprise
customer use cases.

If you haven’t dropped by an expert session before, it’s like a hosted chat spread out over two weeks. You do need to grab a (free) vmworld.com account if you haven’t already. Then go let Ian’s prerecorded presentation play out and feel free to ask questions. Ian has promised to stick around and respond to everybody. Ian was at VMware a few years back, so is very up-to-speed about how the VMware and Transitive play well together.

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  1. Sue

    This is certainly an important issue for many people trying to change into linux but having difficulties with compatibilities issues and the need to find solutions for all their needs

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