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Recent articles of interest in the trade press. (And check out Planet V12n as well — I’m very impressed these days with the quality of blog conversation, both strategic and tactical/technical that’s going on there. Check out Scott’s take on what’s been going on: Virtualization Short Take #6)

  • Virtually Speaking: It’s Good to Be King (ServerWatch)
  • VMware’s R&D Lab: A Little Piece of Palo Alto in the Heart of Kendall Square (Xconomy)
  • Hyper-V won’t sail past VMware on price alone, users say (TechTarget)
  • VMware Claims Citrix Isn’t Telling Whole XenDesktop Story (eWeek)
  • Virtualization’s Dirty Little Secrets (InfoWorld)
  • VMware talks green after strong Q1 (Techworld)
  • Lenovo Agrees To Sell VMware In China (Information Week)
  • AMD Announces Deals With Dell, VMware (Virtualization Review)
  • The 5 quickest returns on your green investment (Computerworld)
  • Virtualization creates shift in IT job market (
  • Virtualization has come a long way, baby (
  • Wanted: Virtualization Engineer, Referee Exp. Pref. (GigaOm)
  • IBM Offering Macs To Some Workers Using Windows (Information Week)
  • How to Be Green in Your Data Center: Four Suggestions (eWeek)

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(Note to self: drop a line to Dugie now that he’s been on board for a while. I want to know what’s making him go Phwaar too!)