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Virtualization is Easy Enough for an 11 Year Old

From Mike D. Link: From the VMware Field: Mike D’s Virtualization Blog: Virtualization is Easy Enough for an 11 Year Old.

This is a story about perhaps our youngest customer to date at
VMware. The story really doesn’t talk much about Jon’s experience with
VMware until the very end but it does show how VMware (and
virtualization in general) can be used in pretty much any environment
by just about anyone with any kind of budget.

I’d like to wish Jon good luck in his future endeavors in the IT world!


As for Jon, he says he loves testing virtualization
software like VMware and wants to obtain “A+ certification” by passing
the computer-technician exam by that name developed by trade group
CompTIA. “Hopefully, I can do that this summer,” he says.


[From NetworkWorld ]


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