When I tell you to stay glued to your computer, I mean it. Carter Shanklin announces the beta release of the PowerShell-based VI Toolkit (for Windows). Link: We Are Beta.

I won’t speculate on whether PowerShell fanatics are more or less
likely to be sitting in front of their computers on a Friday night like
I am, but regardless of when you read this post, if you use VMware ESX
or VMware VirtualCenter, you should download our VI Toolkit (for Windows) Beta and give it a try.

Some of the cool things you might want to try for yourself:

  • Snapshot all of your virtual machines at once with a script like:   
    Get-VM | % { New-Snapshot -VM $_ -Name ($ + "-current") }
  • Automate long-running tasks like cloning using a script like:   
    foreach ($i in 1..30) { Get-Template "My Template" |
         New-VM -Name "Clone $i" }
  • Disconnect connected CD-ROM drives (to enable VMware VMotion, for example) using a script like:   
    Get-VM | Get-CDDrive |                                         
         ? { $_.ConnectionState.Connected -eq "true" } |
         Set-CDDrive -Connected:$false -Confirm:$false