Andrew Kutz’s has gone live. Link:

Welcome to your first and last stop on this wide world of webs for all of your VMware Infrastructure (VI) plugin needs.

He’s got the first two plug-ins up there (SVMotion and Add Port Groups), and you’re welcome to contribute. They’ll even host it for you if you’d like.

Below you will find the most complete and comprehensive list of VI
plugins available at this very moment. You say there are only 2. Well
yes, that is all we have written so far. As soon as someone e-mails us
with a link to their plugin we will be more than happy to list it here.
We do not care if it is gratis, for money, or whatever. While we
believe in freely available and open source software we certainly do
not begrudge those who wish to make a profit. After all, kids got to

[Update: Andrew reminded me in the comments that revision 1 of the VMware Infrastructure 3.5 Plugin and Extension Programming
has been released and is available on as well. To remind you that these plug-ins are unsupported by VMware, let’s quote Andrew’s Disclaimer section from this 26-page guide here:

This document is not in any way, shape, form, or measure sponsored, endorsed, or its content supported by VMware. While the succeeding pages may give the impression that this paper was written in cooperation with VMware, this work is the result of hours of using Lutz’s Reflector to peer into VMware’s intermediate language (IL), Lutz’s Resourcer to figure out where icons come from (it’s not the icon stork), ProccessMon, FileMon, and RegMon to take a look at things happening in real time, and finally the Microsoft structured query language (SQL) manager to explore the new VI 3.5 database schema. In summary, although the knowledge from these explorations resulted in an idea of the VI plugin architecture and working plugin, do not consider it to be the final word on anything. We will simply have to wait for VMware to provide finality to this matter.

In short, all the information contained in this document may be entirely and completely wrong. Read it at your own risk. If you find yourself stuck in an infinite time loop once you finish, remember two things: 1) ice sculptures impress the heck out of the ladies and 2) you are not god. You may be a god, but not the god. That honor is left to Mr. Morgan Freeman.

Have fun, but don’t hose your production VirtualCenter.]