SVMotion GUI and VC plug-in from VMware Community

Dave Marshall at the InfoWorld Virtualization Report sums up the last two weeks’ advances in the state of the art of Storage VMotion:

Link: VMware Community Spices Up VMware Storage VMotion

One of the things I like about being in the IT industry is the sense
of community. And as both VMware and virtualization in general continue
to expand in popularity, the virtualization community continues to grow
around it. Case in point, VMware offered a new feature with its VI 3.5
product, Storage VMotion,
and members of the community have already started helping others
through the creation of additional 3rd-party utilities that help expand
the ease of use of this VMware feature.

VMware describes Storage VMotion as a state-of-the-art solution that
enables users to perform live migration of virtual machine disk files
across heterogeneous storage arrays with complete transaction integrity
and no interruption in service for critical applications.

This feature does for virtual machines and storage what VMware
VMotion did for virtual machines and compute capacity. However, members
of the community may not have been overly excited about the way it was

To try and answer that calling, there have already been two
virtualization community members that have taken matters into their own

He has some screen shots of Alexander Giswinkler’s Windows-based GUI and Andrew Kutz’s VC plug-in. As Andrew says at his site Lostcreations. As he says there, this is "the FIRST released, third-party plugin in fact" for VC 2.5. In the thread on the community he  says he’s working on an explanation of how he reverse-engineered the APIs and protocols:

it is the result of a two-week dive into the inner-workings of the VI client
libraries with popular reflection tools (reverse-engineering). l o s t c r e a t
i o n s is working on a white paper that describes how to build VI plugins.

These tools aren’t supported by VMware, so use at your own risk, but kudos to both Alexander and Andrew.



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  1. It’s like seeing your face on the jumbotron in Time Square. Hey, I’m just glad people like the plugin. I’m working on a few more, so keep your eyes peeled!

  2. What a shame the ability isn’t included in the VirtualCenter GUI anyway! Amazing!
    Obviously it will be in the future. I must say I’m not too comfortable with VMWare’s practice of releasing ‘beta’ and half finished features into their ‘stable’ release of ESX. Why not keep them in a beta release until you’re happy with them so that those that want to test can.

  3. I second the comments from Matt. Will all the billions of dollars EMC/VMware has, how about releases sparkling, eye-googling, cool features and products and keep the beta stuff in house or don’t market it as a new feature until it is out of beta. It looks bad.

  4. What options are there for a vm datacenter with a space in the name of the data center? I have tried the obvious with no luck. Thanks!

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