Tarry Singh (normally blogging at Virtualization for Everyone), here representing the newly-refurbished, continues his series of video interviews from VMworld Europe 2008.

Be sure and check out Bogomil at about 9:00 minutes in where he answers the burning question: is the hypervisor becoming commodified? (I’ll give you a hint: he says no.  Bogomil spends a lot of time talking with customers, so he has some very interesting observations on what people find important in their virtual infrastructure and a reliable, proven platform is not something you can just pick up at the corner store.)

From the description: bloggers Tarry Singh and Nicolas ‘Charbax’
Charbonnier sit down with Bogomil Balansky, VMware’s Senior Director of
Product Marketing at the VMWorld Europe 2008 Summit in Cannes. An open
discussion about VMware’s product line, a review of the role of a
hypervisor and commoditization and the competition VMware faces from
Microsoft and Citrix.

Many many many more video interviews from Tarry, Nicolas, and Robin at’s video blog.