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Virtual desktop blog: VECD licensing brief

A clarification about VECD licensing from Warren Ponder at the Virtual Desktop Blog. Warren is referring to Rich Brambley’s posting over at VM /ETC about The hidden cost of VDI – VECD. Note that in all of yesterday’s sound-and-fury from Microsoft, they did reduce the VECD license cost from $78 to $23 dollars.

Link: VMware Communities: Virtual Desktop Blog: VMware VDI – Understanding VECD Licensing.

The initial white paper released explaining VECD created more
confusion than clarity. I know I read it many times and each time, I
came away with a new interpretation. Fortunately I have some close
contacts at Microsoft I was able to sync up with, back in September, at
VMworld. VECD was top of the list to get clarified. Who better to hear
it from the horses mouth. At VMworld Microsoft was handing out a
recently completed license brief that had yet to be published on the
Microsoft web site.

This license brief as well as my conversation with the owner at
Microsoft, went a long way in clarify things for me. Unfortunately, I
failed to share it had posted when it did. I recommend, Anyone
interested in better understanding VECD should read this license brief.
It covers VECD for SA and VECD. The document is titled Licensing Vista
for Use with Virtual Machine Technologies and can be found on the Volume Licensing Briefs site.


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