The good folks from Hyperic and Mosso have put together a nice recorded presentation on managing the operations of your virtual infrastructure — keeping track of your virtual appliances as they are VMotioned around your pool, maintaining performance history across migrations, comparing guest and host metrics, things like that. Stacey Schneider shares the story on the Hyperic blog. Mosso (a hosting provider of over 35K web sites) also shares some war stories about firing up multiple copies of their web servers when one of their customers publishes his annual Macworld coverage on his blog.

One of the Mosso guys — not sure if it’s Jason or Jonathan — also repeats some outdated conventional wisdom about what kinds of workloads are appropriate to virtualize. From a hosting provider’s perspective, I can see keeping it simple, but be aware that you might be surprised at what is virtualizable these days. As always, the answer is ‘it depends’ on the characteristic of your particular workload, but many of our customers are virtualizing all workloads by default and are running their RDBMS applications happily in their virtual infrastructure.