Richard Garsthagen reports from Cannes on VMworld Europe. This event will sell out, and the early-bird discount ends December 31, so don’t make one of your New Year’s Resolutions "Next year I’ll register for VMworld in time!" Register today.

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Well I did not have much time for x-mas shopping yet, as we are
working very hard on the first VMworld Europe event. In 2 months time
we will be opening our doors to 4.000 people and that is a big and fun
challenge. In the last 2 weeks we have selected a great attendee
package, with a really nice custom made polo, we have very nice bags
custom made in VMware style and after 2 very long food tasting sessions
we have selected an awesome caterer for the event, so likely if you
will come to Cannes, you will gain some weight as I can say the food
was truly fantastic.

VMworld Europe is not just about VMware,
but the entire virtualization industry will be present. At this moment
we have 69 other companies joining us to present their solutions in the
virtualization space, including partners from VMware, but the
competition will be present as well, making VMworld really an industry
virtualization event.

To get your hands ‘dirty’ at the event
we are designing some good hands-on labs, including on some new topics
like PowerShell for the VI3 SDK and Update Manager. We are still trying
to figure out if we can run a SRM (Site Recovery Manager) lab, but it
would require an insane amount of ESX servers, so we are trying to
figure out how we can solve that.

Well I am really looking forward to February 26th, first that would mean all the hard work is done :-)
But mainly to actually attend the event myself and enjoy all the great
sessions and talk to all the vendors in this cool industry. If you are
thinking about attending, keep in mind the early bird registration ends
December 31st, but if you are a VCP, you will always get a even better
discounted price.

See you all in Cannes :-)