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SAP support for production Windows apps in VI

Today we announced that SAP is now providing support for their Windows applications in production on VMware. Here’s further commentary from our new SAPsolutions blog:

Link:SAP and VMware: Global Technology Partners. Support for Windows in production!.

We are very happy to be able to announce this news. The negotiations
took some time to complete because both companies wanted to create a
framework that would have the systems and processes in place to
guarantee the relationship would mean a better experience for our joint
customers. Finalizing the contract is gratifying for me especially as
the alliance director, but the whole team celebrated together last week
in Walldorf where we were gathered to talk about our plans for 2008.

What this agreement means is that, with NO limitations, SAP supports

  • SAP Netweaver-based applications, industry solutions, components,
    and add-ons (Linux for NetWeaver 2004 and NetWeaver 7.0, and Windows
    for NetWeaver 7.0)
  • running in any environment (dev, test, or production)
  • running on Linux or Windows 64-bit on VMware Infrastructure, as
    long as the hardware on which the stack runs has been certified by SAP.


Talking with customers we’ve heard about multiple pain points that
VMware Infrastructure is a great solution for, such as server and
infrastructure sprawl in the multiple SAP component landscape,
impending upgrades to 64-bit, provisioning dev and test environments
that sometimes require more hardware than production environments,
availability (“job one” for the SAP administrator), and integrating new
technologies like NetWeaver, ESOA and xApps.

In September we gave a webinar called “The benefits of deploying SAP
Enterprise Applications on Virtual Infrastructure” and if you’d like to
replay it you can find it on the VMware-SAP web page ( or you can go directly to it here.


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