New blogs of interest, soon to be at a Planet V12n near you. First three new blogs from VMware:

Virtualization for SAP Solutions

Welcome to the ‘Virtualization for SAP Solutions’ Blog

SAP administrators tell us
they are worried about potential delays and budget over-runs. By
putting everything into a virtual infrastructure, you can be sure your
developers and consultants will have the environments they need to get
the upgrade done, because you can provision a new virtual server for
them in an hour or even less without the need to have extra hardware
allocated. Very useful is also the ability to take snapshots of your
virtualized SAP systems in between upgrade steps. This allows you to
quickly return to an earlier point in time when a modification has not
worked out as well as planned. Check here
for the story of one SAP customer who used VMware Infrastructure to do
a migration from a proprietary Unix environment to Linux and do an SAP
upgrade at the same time. As a result of using virtualization, the
project came in on time and on budget.

Virtual Appliances

is giving you the latest from the Virtual Appliance Marketplace.

VMware Connected

from yours truly (John Troyer) is not about virtualization per se. Vanguards on LinkedIn

After only a month and with a single announcement, Alessandro has
assembled 383 virtualization professionals from across the globe. Not
bad! So why do you want to be there, even if you’re not looking for a

A wide cross-section of the virtualization industry. There are
vendors (from VMware and Microsoft on out), consultants of all stripes,
very experienced sysadmins and IT experts, and quite a few names you
may recognize from

You can see and contact everybody in the Group. The contact
piece is configurable on a per-group and per-person basis, but
Vanguards is set up by default so that we can all contact each other.
Interested in finding a virtualization consultant in Norway? Looking
for a contact at a vendor — either the executive or the engineering
kind? Want to compare notes with someone else in your industry? You can
probably make that happen here with a quick search.

Are you connected?

How do you connect with other virtualization users? How will these
connections help you learn more and be more successful in your own
projects? How do you investigate the various technologies and solutions
out there? How do you keep up with new tools, products, and resources
here at VMware? And I always keep in mind what I’ve taken as my
personal goal — how can VMware help you save the day at work and get
you fat raises and promotions?

I’ll cover blogs, "Web 2.0" sites (like, Digg, reddit, and
StumbleUpon), social networks (like Facebook and LinkedIn), and other
communities of interest to virtualization users (say, Stickyminds and
SQAforums for you software testing types). I will try to avoid talking
about stupid web 2.0 sites, but one man’s stupid is another man’s cool

New blogs seem to be springing up every week. Here are three blogs from the VMware blogosphere, one of which is also posted on our recently upgraded communities site. Did you know any member can start a blog on VMware Communities?

Mister VM

from Jae Ellers is brand new

ESX 3i – The End of the World As We Know It

What’s so compelling here?

  • 32 MB footprint (yes, it takes only 32 MB of code to make the entire ESX server run)
  • New
    hardware will ship with a dual bank flash drive for firmware like
    redundancy. Blow an upgrade and just switch back to the code you were
    running 5 minutes ago.
  • Security.  No agents.  No services.  No access without secure authentication.
  • No more customizing installations for new releases.
  • No more drive failures or complicated SAN booting setups.

System Virtualization & the Market

However [VMware’s] enterprise products will continue
to command a premium as long as the value is there (it is) and the
competitors are not executing on their current promises (they’re not).
Coupled with the strong new product offering in the enterprise space
with Site Recovery Manager I think VMware is in the catbird seat for the short term.  Survey says this is the case now

treesum VM /ETC

from Rich Brambley has been burning it up since VMworld in September.

VIZZR.INFO and VIZZR.INFO on VMware Communities

from the fine folks at