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VMware Fusion Nominated for Macworld Reader’s Choice Award!


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Not four months out of the gate, and VMware Fusion, VMware’s
virtual machine software for Mac OS X, has been nominated
by the esteemed Macworld readership in the category of “Best Third-Party
Software of the Year.”

The list of third-party applications has been narrowed to
six final contenders, from the initial tsunami of reader submissions.

The ballot is located here, with
the third party software section (and VMware Fusion!) located at the bottom
of the page.

So, as they say, “vote early and often” (just kidding, one
vote per Fusion fan, please) for VMware Fusion,
the most seamless way to run Windows on your Mac ; )

 ~Your humble VMware Fusion team


p.s. And for those of you unfamiliar with VMware Fusion,
check out our "famous for YouTube" demo below:


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  1. Fusion and Leopard? Please make an updated video, SHOWING that Fusion still works with Leopard. Promises aren’t enough. We want proofs on YouTube 🙂

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