Great new site from Eric Sloof (soon to be appearing on the right-hand blogroll as soon as I get a moment), The tagline is "The VMware Tools Repository," and it lists both freeware and commercial utilities you can use with VMware Infrastructure. It has an RSS feed so you can keep up with changes and additions. There are 38 entries so far, with the latest being freeware from Massimiliano Daneri:

  • vdf+ (perl script based on our vdf utility to show mounted VMFS devices)
  • vmSSHjwc (free Java SSH terminal integrated into VI web access)
  • VMCL (free high availability software)
  • VMBK (free hot backup script)
  • VMTSPatchManager (free ESX Server patch manager)

Right now, it looks to be focused on the VMware Infrastructure side — is there a similar tools library for Workstation, Player, Server, and Fusion?

See also: Release search, VMTN User Solutions Forum, and Eric Siebert’s VMware-land.