The new beta release of VMware Fusion is now available. From Srinivas Krishnamurti on the Console Blog, Update on VMware Fusion:

Later tonight you will have access to VMware Fusion Beta 4.  This final
beta introduces features we are extremely proud of and ones that will
showcase our attention to detail and quality of work.  The two features
I wanted to highlight are: [Unity and a Customizable Toolbar].

Also, we moved the VMTN Fusion Beta Forum out into the public area since there has been so much interest. Go ahead, check out what’s happening in the beta test.

Have fun. Scott seems to like it:

VMware Fusion Beta 4 has been released (get it here),
and with it comes Unity.  In a word: Wow!  It’s pretty disconcerting to
see Windows applications (like a command prompt, Internet Explorer, or
Visio) running side-by-side with Camino,, and NetNewsWire.
Interleave windows?  Not a problem.  Drop shadows?  There.
Minimization effects?  Yep.  Aside from the window decorations, you
would be hard-pressed to tell which applications were running natively
in Mac OS X or in virtualization.

And that, my friends, is the heart of what I described ages ago (OK, perhaps it only seems like ages ago) as application agnosticism.
With virtualization technology and UI integration like this, who cares
what OS an application is written for?  Of course, we still have a ways
to go to fully realize application agnosticism, since Unity is only
available for Mac OS X (not Linux or Windows), but this is a powerful
step in the right direction.