Video/audio roundup: DRS/HA, Deployment Appliance, Will IT Blend? and P2V Roundtable

I’m seeing more and more virtualization video come out. Let me know when you spot new good content worth watching.

Scott Hanson has a new white paper in Dell’s VMware TechCenter with several nice screencasts showing off VMware Infrastructure’s DRS and HA features in action. Definitely worth watching if you’ve never seen the VMotion magic.

Mike Laverick shows off his Ultimate Deployment Appliance (a "DHCP/TFTP/PXE appliance which comes with a web-based management tool
which simplifies installing an operating system to either physical or
virtual machines") in a silent 8:39 screencast.

Jim points us to a funny Novell/Blendtec video about "Blended IT Infrastructure" — this is how I think about VMware Converter. Now just pour into the container of your favorite virtual infrastructure platform.

And speaking of VMware Converter, although it’s not a video, I’m listening to the inaugural Virtual Strategy Magazine Roundtable on Migrating Physical Servers to a Virtual Environment with representatives from VMware, PlateSpin, and HP.

Update: we never linked to this video interview at TSX Nice by virtualization.info’s Alessandro Perilli of Scott Herold and Mike Laverick of the upcoming ESX Server Advanced Technical Design Guide.


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  1. During the TSX days in Nice I have recorded some small movies and placed them on YouTube. When you are interested in the opening speech from Richard Garthagen or you just want to get an impression about the TSX in Nice please visit the following address. http://www.youtube.com/EricSloof I also recorded some audio footage at the TSX 2007 in Nice. You can listen to interviews with Mike Laverick, Puneet Zaroo, Jacob Jensen, Richard Garsthagen, David, Bieneman, Scott Herold and Jeremy van Doorn.
    Eric Sloof
    Ps. The past few weeks I’m very busy with creating Visual basic applications that can control your VI3 environment. When you have created a DRS cluster the virtual machines in this cluster are automatically migrated to the least busy ESX host. These migrations depend on VMotion. The most common show stopper for VMotion is a connected CD. This application checks if one of your virtual machines is connected to a CD and displays witch ISO image is connected. I’ve written this application in VB.net and it depends on the VIClient.dll witch is written by Robert Baumstark. Some features like disconnecting all the CD’s with one click of a button are not implemented yet, but I’m so proud of my first application that I published it on my weblog anyway . If you want to give it a try, you can get a free copy here.

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