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Burton Group: Benefits of Virtualization in the Data Center? Priceless!

From Chris Wolf of the Burton Group: Data Center Strategies: Benefits of Virtualization in the Data Center? Priceless!.

I was a bit surprised to learn that another industry analyst firm feels that virtualization is too costly …

Virtualization provides too many benefits to stand by and watch
others improve their availability and IT processes, while saving on
power and server hardware costs as a result of virtualization
implementations. What’s virtualization worth? Ask one of your Windows
server admins who is struggling to return a critical server to
operation on new hardware. Ask a developer who wants to test a piece of
his code but is weighing whether the time to stage a system is worth
it. Ask a server team in a data center where there is no more physical
room or power to add servers.  You may not get the Dr. Evil answer of
"1 Billion Dollars," but I’d bet the administrators operating in the IT
trenches see the cost of virtualization as easily justifiable.

The question should not be what is the cost of virtualization, but
rather what is the cost of not incorporating virtualization within your