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Like any good software company, VMware is always trying to improve the quality and effectiveness of our beta programs.  We want to collect feedback from users, give early adopters insight into the new product features, and create an overall positive experience with the product. 

With these goals in mind, we’ve created a new way to interact with the VMware product experts during betas:   live weekly question and answer conference calls. 

VMware Lab Manager 2.5 beta launched this concept with hour-long calls every Wednesday starting last week. 

It’s an opportunity to talk with product management and the development manager about all aspects of the beta release.  Participants are asking  technical as well as use-case and product philosophy questions; they are picking up ideas and information from Q&A with other beta participants; and they are sharing their comments on the product.  And VMware is getting live, interactive feedback.

So, join the Wednesday Lab Manager 2.5 Beta question and answer to see how it works.