Virtual Machines for the Web Worker

Everybody reading the VMTN Blog knows how virtualization
can save your bacon and give you superpowers at the same time, but feel
free to drop by and give the Web Workers the benefit of your
experience. Mike Gunderloy writes at Web Worker Daily: Virtual Machines for the Web Worker.

Virtualization software has come of age. Using virtualization, you can run an entire second computer (a virtual machine)
as an application inside of your primary computer. The technology has
caught on in the data center, where virtualization allows IT managers
to make more efficient use of hardware resources by combining multiple
logical servers into a single physical server, which has benefits for
reliability and scalability. But with software like Microsoft Virtual PC and VMware Workstation for Windows, Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion for the Mac, or VMware Workstation
for Linux, this technology is available to the digital Bedouin as well.
Here are four ways that I’ve found to incorporate virtual machines into
the hectic web worker lifestyle.

Mike’s Larkware Daily Grind is very worth checking out for developers. Also, remember if you are one of those Web Workers getting ready to buy your first
Workstation license, you can purchase version 5.5 now, you will get an upgrade to Workstation 6.0 when it is released.


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