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Pirillo: Vista — works better with VMware

If you’ve been awake the last few weeks, you’ve seen that some folks (and let’s be fair, not nearly everybody, but definitely some folks) have been having difficulties with Microsoft Vista. The usual culprits are various device drivers that are not quite bulletproof yet. Chris Pirillo, A-list blogger and LockerGnome impressario, washed his hands of Vista two weeks ago, but last week decided to give it another try, this time in a VMware Workstation 6 virtual machine. It seems to be working out for him so well he has a modest proposal: bundle Vista as a VMware virtual appliance!

Link: Windows Vista Help ~ Chris Pirillo.

Microsoft: it’s not too late to save your users from further frustration. The only lucid proposal is the near-immediate deployment of a limited edition VMWare virtual machine with “N” pre-installed and ready to go. And don’t tell the world that you’re working on a new version of Virtual PC. Fact of the matter is: I got it working today, and I really believe that you can make it equally as simple for novices to do, too. …

Let me put it to everybody else another way: I can only recommend
Windows Vista with VMWare 6.0 Workstation (beta or beyond). So, if
Microsoft (or VMWare) doesn’t give it to you, you’ll have to spend an
additional $200 to acquire a license – possibly more if you don’t
already have a copy of XP on hand. …

VMWare solved my frustrations – VMWare brought me back to Windows
Vista (which, as I’ve already stated in previous conversations, is
fundamentally better than XP).

Time for a new VMware Workstation slogan? Vista — works better with VMware.


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  1. I think you’ve read it wrong. He actually says “Microsoft needs to license a stripped-down, slightly-modified version of VMWare 6.0 running Windows XP N – making this available for free through Windows Update for all activated users of Windows Vista.”
    That’s right, he’s advocating running Vista as host with an XP guest to get around compatibility issues.

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