how to VMware Infrastructure 3 VMware Workstation

Videos: VMotion in action, Live CDs

Dell has a very nice VMware Alliance center, with plenty of white papers, support documents, and case studies. Somewhere in there, and I’m not sure on what page, they point to this video:

Screencast of a VMotion demo

[warning: direct link to .wmv file. No sound. I can’t figure out how to get a screenshot using Windows Media Player, but it shows a script hitting SQL Server. The VMotion takes 41 seconds and the script never loses database connectivity, and the RDP connection we’re using to monitor performance never drops either. via]

Here is another video of using a LiveCD on VMware Workstation

from SecurityDistro via unix-tutorial blog.  Note you can also use this tiny LiveCD Player virtual appliance to skip some of the setup.


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