EMC VP Chuck Hollis on how EMC’s portfolio applies to VMware. Chuck is great on the high-level enterprise landscape "information infrastructure" — how to peek into all the corners of your enterprise and manage what’s going on. VMware’s Virtual Infrastructure is an enabling platform, and Chuck talks about how to take advantage of what VI gives you, as well as how to manage having another layer of abstraction in your stack.

Link: Chuck’s Blog: EMC Information Infrastructure for VMware.

EMC thinks (and so do I!) that people wanting to get the most out of
VMware in advanced deployments will want to take a hard look at the
supporting infrastructure.

  • They’ll want to think about the storage and its network differently.
  • They’ll want to consider how best to do backup and recovery.
  • They’ll want to understand the pros and cons of different business continuity approaches.
  • They’ll want storage resource management that works well with virtualized and non-virtualized environments.
  • They’ll want advanced tools that help them discover their IT
    infrastructure, and use that knowledge to quickly resolve service
    deliver issues.
  • And they’ll want to work with a vendor who can help them be successful with VMware.

[Note: although VMware is a subsidiary of EMC, we operate independently.]