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Record/Replay in VMware Workstation 6.0 beta 3

Christian Hammond talks about Record/Replay and other features in the new Workstation beta. Link: ChipLog » VMware Workstation 6.0 beta 3.

What is this good for? Well, have you ever tried testing a program only to encounter a bug that you just can’t reproduce? Maybe there was some memory corruption that happened under some specific case that you just can’t seem to diagnose. Or maybe it’s a network packet that came in in some form that your application didn’t expect. Under normal circumstances, you’d have to do a lot of guesswork in order to find out what exactly happened. Far too often, it’s just too hard to reproduce the bug and it goes unfixed for some time.

Now imagine instead that you’re testing the program in Workstation and, before your testing, you hit Record. You attempt the test and the program crashes in some weird manner. No problem. Hit Stop and replay the recording. Just before the crash occurs, stop the playback and attach a debugger. Messed up? Didn’t find the cause? Replay that recording again.

He also mentions our free upgrade for new Workstation users — buy Workstation 5.5 now and get a copy of Workstation 6.0 later.


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