I’ve posted about others running VDI with Sun Ray thin clients back to virtual desktops hosted on Sun servers, but here’s another story from the trenches. I would be happy to post about people using other hardware, since I know they are doing it, but the Sun fans seem to be the ones blogging about it. Check out the VMTN VDI Forum for more real-world stories.

Link: Unix Admin Corner: Sun Ray, x4600, VMware ESX stories from the trenches.

What we determined was that we could run 80 users on a single 4600. Our (5)4600’s have 64GB of Ram and 8 dual core CPU’s. Each 4600 has 8 4GB FCAL ports attached to a 27TB file Server. For each VM session, we have allocate 2GB of RAM and 70GB of Disk. On the five 4600’s we are provided 450 simultaneous XP VM’s. The XP VM are served out to the Sun Ray’s via the uttsc windows connector. The cost savings over a FAT client is 70%.

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