A few recent updates from us:

  • Let me know what you think of the new VMTN Front Page and if it is useful to you. I have it set as my browser start page, but I may be biased since I built it.
  • "We’ve been busy…" from Steve Herrod. Steve is looking for feedback: given that he can’t really talk about future products or features, what would you like to hear from a VP of R&D at VMware?

  • "Shrinking the VMmark Tile" from Bruce Herndon on the new performance blog VROOM! on scaling back some workloads in the VMmark standard "Tile" from 2GB to 1GB.

    Given that we initially sized our VMs based upon various industry and customer surveys, I am led to wonder if there aren’t lots of servers over-configured with not only CPU but also memory. As a final series of tests, I reran the newly modified VMmark on several systems for which I already had data for the existing 7GB tile size. Overall I saw very little effect on the benchmark scores. It looks like the 5GB VMmark tile is a go.