VMware Fusion

The excitement is building…

From Infusion, the new blog of VMware’s Ben Gertzfield: The excitement is building…

Everyone’s got a joy in life.  Some folks build exquisite models of ships and shove ’em in a bottle.  Others whip up imaginative, fresh cuisine and share it with the world.  Me, I write code.  My personal joie de vivre
is forging that easy, effortless bond between people and the electronic
stuff they use every day to make their lives go—computers, cars, cell
phones, you name it.

Over the past year, I’ve been crafting VMware Fusion for Mac, a killer piece of software that lets Apple-heads do the unthinkable: run Windows, Linux, or any other operating system right alongside their Mac applications.  This isn’t your average Boot Camp,
where you have to restart your computer every time you need to switch
between Windows and Mac OS.  VMware is way cooler, and totally changes
the way you use a computer.


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  1. VMware Fusion (for Mac) is out!

    This is THE great news of the day VMware for Mac is finally out. Ive been using VMware for a number of years now. Ive built, distributed, upgraded and configured many many virtual images, and never considered another product. To me…

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