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Link: Leveraging the VI3 SDK with .NET, part one – Understanding the VI3 SDK.

The preferred mechanism for programmatically interacting with VI3 is the SDK, not the commands available in the ESX COS [system console -jt] (such as the suite of commands prefixed with "esxcfg" found in /usr/sbin). The SDK is very powerful, and its power can be harnessed with another equally powerful tool, .NET. In this article, I will describe the beginning steps you must take as you start down the path toward leveraging the VI3 SDK with .NET using C#.

Part Two: "In this article, I demonstrated how to query the VI3 SDK for information, such as the available hosts." (Free Registration Required — make sure you go back to your profile and confirm your spam subscriptions are set as desired.)

Part Three: Exploring the SDK

vish project: "The Virtual Interface Shell (vish) project is a command-line interface
for managing VMware’s Virtual Infrastructure 3 (VI3). Written in C#,
this interactive shell can be used in Windows or Linux or OS X with

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