VMware Fusion

Good Day

From CompFusion, the new blog of VMware’s Régis Duchesne (HPReg): Good Day.

Exactly 1 year ago, after having spent 7 years at VMware, I wanted to do something new. My manager was nice enough to let me be the technical lead of the Advanced Project I submitted: porting our hosted virtualization engine to Mac OS.
I cherry picked a surgical team of VMware engineers, some of them
experts with the VMware code base, some of them expert Mac users.

months later, we had our first VMware virtual machine running on Mac
OS, with a GTK+ user interface (borrowed from the Workstation product
for Linux) running on top of X window. Management and marketing liked
what they saw, and asked us to productize this. I came up with a
codename for the project: Fusion.


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