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Fusion Feedback and Fixes – Infusion: The Fruit of Eris

Fusion developer Ben Gertzfield gathers together some of today’s links to the new Fusion beta and goes over some FAQs. Remember, all the cool kids are hanging out at the VMTN Fusion beta forum.

Link: Fusion Feedback and Fixes – Infusion: The Fruit of Eris

I just wanted to point out a few of the more common issues folks have run into, and do a quick link rundown.

  1. I can’t use the mouse in my virtual machine!
  2. I can’t find my serial number!
  3. I get a gray screen telling me to restart my Mac!
  4. If I switch my virtual machine to Bridged mode, I can’t access the virtual machine over the network from my host!


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  1. I moved from Parallels to fusion but I miss two things from Parallels that I find so frustrating they aren’t in vmware.
    1) Please give me the choice of which network interface I bridge instead of always choosing default
    2) Please allow me to choose a default view type for a vm at boot or resume, it’s a small step but I hate having to manually choose Unity every time.

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