VMworld wrap-ups

Bob Roudebush gives his list of the most interesting news from VMworld, including

  • Lab Manager ("Especially
    interesting: Multiple remote control sessions through the browser
    interface and the network fencing functionality which keeps test
    machines from creating conflicts with one another and other machines on
    the production environment."
  • Virtual Appliances,
  • Workstation 6.0 ("I don’t want to come across sounding like a VMware fanboy, but there
    really is nothing else to do but gush over the progress the development
    teams have made on this product. While products like Virtual PC have
    sat stagnate for years, VMW 6 has a list of new functionality that is
    literally two pages long."
    ), and
  • VMware on the Mac.

Brian Berliner gives a wrap-up that lists

  • Workstation 6.0 ("The killer feature here is the Record/Replay capability. Nice."),
  • ACE 2.0 ("There is absolutely big money to be made here, as IT environments
    continue to pendulum swing of distributed vs centralized administration
    and the need to reduce the amount of human time consumed by client
    administration and maintenance."
  • the Virtual Appliances Marketplace ("After all, who really wants to install 10 different open source
    applications just to be able to test out your particular solution?"
  • AMD & Intel’s upcoming virtualized memory management, and
  • Lab Manager.   


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