VMworld 2006 Conference Sessions

Last week, we posted slides and audio from many of the sessions at VMworld 2006. This week we also added the lab manuals.

I think it’s unusual to package up most of a conference and make it available on the web to everyone. We
hope this content is useful whether you came to VMworld or not. We track
the downloads, but we’d love to hear from you in the comments if you found it valuable.

We haven’t packaged these up in a podcast feed for several reasons.

  1. Most people won’t want to download and listen to 100+ hours of audio.
  2. The audio isn’t nearly as useful without looking at the slides, although I know of one person who listened to all of VMworld 2005 while painting his house.
  3. This is pretty much the full list we will be publishing this year — there won’t be additional sessions coming out over time.

Link: VMworld 2006 Conference Sessions

Over 7000 attendees came to VMworld 2006 on November 7-9 in Los Angeles to participate in the leading virtualization industry conference.

The following selection of presentations and associated podcasts highlights the breadth and depth of the technical sessions presented at VMworld 2006. Enjoy!


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