Today we announced the public beta of VMware Lab Manager 2.4 (formerly known as Akimbi Slingshot).

Lab Manager is part of the VMware Software Lifecycle Automation (VSLA) solutions group. Great things will emerge from this group; first out is Lab Manager.

I’ve been working on the closed beta for a premier beta costumer, and this is a smashing product! I don’t know what we paid to acquire Akimbi, but I’m confident it is worth every penny. Just as virtualization is transforming the data center, Lab Manager will transform the software development cycle. Did you know developers spend about 50% of their time maintaining system setup and provisioning servers? That’s time they should spend writing code…

VMware Lab Manager is really geared towards anyone doing any form of SW development, and it’s a perfect fit to solve the issue of workflow management within the development cycle. But it can also be deployed for anyone doing any level of product integration and system management. More on features and access to the beta here.

I’ll try and blog a bit more in-depth about my experience after VMworld.

– Anders