VMware Infrastructure 3

VMware Infrastructure 3 – 3 months in

Christian has a great post on their VMware Infrastructure 3 experience so far. He talks about VMware Converter and their 12-step program for moving their Domino server and databases.

VMware Infrastructure 3 – 3 months in

We have virtualized 20 servers, including a few test servers, and all of them behave very nicely without any problems at all. Two seperate instances of Oracle, one Lotus Domino server, several domain controllers and other application servers have all been either reinstalled as virtual servers or migrated using VMware Converter (beta). .

We haven’t had a single hiccup or serious problem with any of our virtualized servers nor the physical servers running our infrastructure. Another very welcome output of our virtualization project is that our cooling systems now have a lot less heat to fight with, which makes my datacenter much better to work in. I haven’t seen any numbers yet, but I’m pretty sure our power bills are also seeing this benefit. …

BTW: If anyone knows a way to move a vmdk from one VM to another inside
the Virtual Infrastructure Client, please let me know. I did it by
SSH’ing into one of the VMware servers and moving and renaming it there. The ability to do this within
the VI Client would be welcomed though, as portability really is one of
most attractive features with virtualization.


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