Richard Garsthagen has been burning the midnight oil to hook the VI3 SDK to Visual Basic using web services:

Well I am finding out more and more that the VirtualCenter client is by far not using all the actual functionality of the VI3 product. One of the things the SDK does expose is for every physical server what kind of CPU it has and what features are available. You can even compare if one physical server might have different cpus. So, yes I could write a very easy application in Perl (using the perl toolkit) that shows you all the servers and their cpu features, high light the differences and asking you if you want to set a specific cpu feature mask for a group of selected virtual machines. All automated. Writing that application should take me about one hour. But then all you people need to be able to run that application,
meaning you need to have perl installed, add some extra needed modules
to perl, download the VI perl toolkit, compile the toolkit and run my
small perl app.  …

til now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yippie, I can not express how happy I am. For 3 nights
in a row I have been limiting my sleeping time on trying this
challange. But I have done it. I have a working VB application running,
where I actually understand the source code and wrote every single line
of it myself, I have no slow delay problems (as many other people have
using the WSDL file). WOW! Why did no one do this before??

Update: If you’re a Perl monger, Richard has also written about the VI3 Perl Toolkit as well.