VMware ACE VMware Workstation VMworld2006

Techworld on ACE, VMworld

Techworld’s Manek Dubah on VMworld, covering new features in Workstation, ACE, and Mendel Rosenblum’s keynote: VMware reveals new product features.

The new version [of ACE] was created, according to VMware, because users asked for greater control over the VMs, especially when, for instance, large numbers of remote users need to attach to the enterprise network. Other areas due for improvement include security and integration with enterprise management tools. …

Central control is achieved by means of a new product, ACE Management Server, which provides a central view of and control over ACE VMs. The VMs have to check into the server at admin-defined intervals, which allows them to control attributes such as expiry date f the VM, and what it can attach to.

ACE VMs will also be able to run from a USB flash drive, providing amore convenient mechanism for their distribution.


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