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Sun’s desktop virtualization at VMworld

Sun’s Warren Ponder was at VMworld and had so much traffic his voice gave out by day 2:

The big buzz was unquestionably desktop virtualization. Diane Greene – President of VMware made it very clear in Tuesdays  keynote that desktop virtualization is happening now and taking off. I strongly recommend you visit VMware’s website and  look at the presentation from the keynote.

The feedback from existing Sun customers and the ones that had no idea we offered compelling desktop solutions, was very clear. WOW you guys are doing some really cool stuff. Of course, I am slightly biased and agree we are doing some cool stuff. We also have some work to do too make it better in my opinion. There was only a small handful of people that had requirements that we could not meet and I actually recommended they consider another solution. We are  not going to be the best fit for everyone and this is OK. I did find it ironic though, one of them kept coming back with more questions.

I have a pretty good idea of what  others are doing with their solutions. Most of which, I have started calling a "Desktop on a Desktop". Guess what? The customers are as well! Customers are smart, they are not stupid and I knew it was only a matter of time before they bushwhacked through most of the hype around some of the other solutions out there. Several people made it very clear our solution is the only solution that provides a seemless user experience and appears to be the most streamlined. I try to be fair, we know where our gaps are and I really make an effort not to hide them. I make it clear where we feel we need to improve and listen closely to customers about where they would like to see our solution improve.


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