From Richard Garsthagen: OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) now available as Virtual Appliance.

Well the machines just started rolling out of the factories, but if you are interested to know what the childeren in the poor african countries will have to their disposal, you can check out the OLPC as a virtual appliance. Tom Hoffman has made the OLPC images available on his blog.

The OLPC Image for VMware
Read more about the OLPC project

But it’s not all kids with laptops. Last month, Tarry Singh went to Africa and showed off some virtual tools to the university crowd. Go ahead and click through to the pics from his trip.

TarryBlogging: Virtual Appliances in Africa? Just ask Jessica!.

They say a pictures speak volumes. So I’ll post some pics here on my tour to the Uganda Technical College, Elgon. Here I am letting Jessica open up the Virtual Appliance OTRS and log on to the helpdesk system and filing a complaint! ๐Ÿ™‚