[Updated with direct links to the feeds below.]

We’re very pleased to announce two new sections of VMTN. Both aggregate entries from various blogs and present all that information to you in one centralized, constantly-updated river of news. The virtualization industry is moving fast, and even VMware now has a number of voices and views of our technology that are available on the web. These new Planets, updated every 10 minutes, allow you to keep up to speed on what’s going on in virtualization.

Planet V12n is a one-stop comprehensive source for all things virtualization. (V12n:virtualization as i18n:internationalization) We are aggregating the top blogs, both from VMware and elsewhere, and you can sip from the fire hose of the last week’s virtualization news and opinion at any time. (Yes, you will be able to read about Microsoft and other forms of virtualization. We want to deliver technical information on all of virtualization here at VMTN. More informed technologists = bigger virtualization revolution.) Each Planet has an RSS feed as well, if you’re so inclined. [Update from the comments: we’ll be linking directly to the feeds soon, although many readers can pick them up automatically. Here are the Planet V12n atom feed and rss 2.0 feed. Here are the Planet VMware atom feed and rss 2.0 feed.]

Planet VMware is the aggregation of all the technical bloggers here at VMware. These blogs are also included in V12n, but we wanted to give you a chance to focus on what’s happening inside VMware as well. Most of the bloggers mix a bit of personal in with the technical, so hopefully you can get to know us a little better.

If you’d like to be included in these Planets and you aren’t, drop me a line at jtroyer, which is my email address, at vmware. The blogroll is in a state of transition right now — I have a few people I’ve been meaning to add (like Virtual Infrastructure 411 and Virtualization Daily) and a few that I’ve dropped off because they were inactive. I may very well have forgotten you inadvertently.

We publish just excerpts from each entry on V12n, which lets readers scan the week’s output much faster, and which also doesn’t rob the hardworking originating blogs of traffic. If you are included in these Planets and don’t want to be, likewise drop me a line.

Check it out. I’ve been running this software (Planet) for weeks behind our firewall, and it’s now my browser home page. Enjoy!