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Changing Role of the OS

VMware co-founder Mendel Rosenblum will be speaking at VMworld next week. At some point in the recent past he was sitting on a plane beside Dan Farber of ZDNet and had this to say:

The biggest misconception is server consolidation. It was the first big
application in the enterprise. Part of the problem with being the first
successful application is that it misses a lot of the benefits. A
virtualization layer is a different way of thinking about hardware, and
server consolidation is just one tiny sliver of it.

People deploying virtualization infrastructure now view hardware
differently–you have a pool of resources, virtual machine units, and
you allow the infrastructure to map onto computation. If you need more
capacity, just add more hardware.

He goes on to talk about capitalizing on software services, the TCO of automation and ‘utility’ computing, and the changing role of the OS. A good teaser for the keynotes at VMworld, and worth reading.

(via Virtualization Daily)


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