Supporting Apps at the Edge with VMware vSAN 

In today’s technology-driven environment, businesses of all sizes across every vertical operate under a digital-first strategy. As businesses add new digital capabilities, services and experiences, workloads are increasingly being hosted locally to ensure high performance and low latency.

While edge deployments equip organizations with real-time processing needed to support local applications, infrastructure challenges can arise, including increasing complexity, remote management, lack of floor space, and scaling limitations, just to name a few. 

Hyperconverged Infrastructure at the Edge

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) at the edge can give organization scalability, flexibility and enhanced performance for their compute and storage needs. HCI at the edge is growing rapidly, supporting an increasing list of use cases at a lower cost and smaller footprint than traditional storage solutions. As data grows, HCI can process, store, analyze data at the edge which can alleviate the migration of large volumes of data to the core datacenter or public cloud. Organizations of all sizes are finding unparallel value in HCI at the edge through:

  • Cost and efficient resources: HCI delivers a single, low-cost infrastructure solution integrated compute, storage, and networking with centralized management, reducing the need for on-site IT staff. 
  • Scalability: HCI can scale out, up and is flexible to accommodate changing needs
  • Performance and Flexibility: HCI supports a wide variety of storage media, from storage-dense drive to high-performance NVMe for the most demanding applications. 
  • Data Services: HCI enables many desired data services in a small footprint which are needed for edge deployments, including native block and file storage, quality of services and encryption, to name a few.

HCI Powered by vSAN 8 with Express Storage Architecture

VMware vSAN is the only HCI solution native to VMware vSphere, bringing the power of cloud to organizations’ storage with consistent application performance and high consolidation ratios. VMware HCI enables desired data services needed for edge deployments, all in a small footprint. VMware vSAN 8 Express Storage Architecture (ESA) offers unprecedented levels of performance and availability of application deployment at the edge. Some of the leading benefits and capabilities of running edge deployments on vSAN 8 with ESA include:

  • Unparalleled performance without trade-off: Achieve RAID 1 performance regardless of RAID configuration. Express Storage Architecture users can expect up to 4x higher performance while maintaining the highest level of data protection and space efficiency.
  • Availability of applications at the edge: Enable rapid data protection with up to 100x faster operations via native snapshots with vSAN ESA. Seamlessly connect third-party backup solutions via API for an easy-to-use experience to enhance data protection and backup management of applications at the edge. Adaptive RAID 5 erasure coding with as few as three hosts further improves data resilience and management while using less capacity for data storage. 
  • Lower Storage costs and supreme resource and space efficiency: vSAN 8 ESA delivers up to 4x better compression ratios and up to 70 percent extra usable capacity with optimized compression methods, further improving space savings and efficiency. A single-tier architecture enhances the overall efficiency of storage as all storage devices contribute to capacity. 

To learn how VMware is helping organizations of all verticals reap the benefits of the edge, download our infographic, “Support Apps at the Edge with VMware vSAN 8 with Express Storage Architecture.“ 

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