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VMware Leads the HCI Market in Q4, 2021 with Record-Breaking Revenue, According to IDC

VMware is excited to announce that it is the leading HCI software vendor for Q4 of 2021, according to the IDC Worldwide Converged Systems Tracker. Systems running VMware were reported to hold 39.3% of the market share and are the first HCI to surpass $1billion in revenue in a quarter.

IDC Data Shows VMware is the #1 HCI Software Vendor

The latest IDC Converged Systems Tracker shows that VMware continues to outpace the market, with 12% year over year growth from Q4 2020 to Q4 2021, while the overall market grew at 10.5%. VMware vSAN is not only the most adopted HCI software, but accounts for more market share than the following three HCI vendors combined.

Market share on the tracker is determined by revenue, a metric by which systems running VMware set records this quarter, producing the highest quarterly revenue for an HCI system ever. We are pleased to see IT leaders continue to invest in HCI to realize the value it brings to their IT environments. HCI customers of all sizes have been able to reduce data center complexity, lower total cost of ownership, and find needed flexibility on the path to hybrid cloud.

WW Quarterly Converged Systems Tracker 2021 Q4

HCI Software Vendor2021 Qr Revenue (in $ Millions)Market ShareYear Ago RevenueYear over Year Revenue Change

Source: IDC Q4 2021 Worldwide Converged Tracker dated March, 2022. Market share based on vendor revenue and the company providing HCI systems software.

Why Customers Continue to Choose VMware vSAN

HCI Systems running VMware vSAN continue to be the leading choice for IT leaders looking to simplify data center operations and build a hybrid cloud architecture from the core data center to public cloud and the edge. While there are many reasons customers choose VMware vSAN and each use case is unique, we’ve identified a few key reasons we believe vSAN continues to be the standout HCI software solution.

Enterprise-Class Scalability

vSAN provides the scalability customers need to rapidly meet ever-changing business and IT requirements. VMware vSAN enables customers to move beyond large, scale-up purchases to:

  • Scale out linearly by adding nodes to a cluster, starting as small as two nodes and scaling incrementally, as compute or storage resources are needed.
  • Scale up by adding storage capacity to existing nodes for storage-dense HCI clusters.
  • Disaggregate compute and storage resources with HCI Mesh™. Users can create storage-only clusters with HCI Mesh™ as a shared resource pool, or share storage resources across HCI clusters. This offers even greater flexibility to scale storage and compute independently.

Accelerated IT Operations

VMware vSAN uses simplified workflows and a high degree of automation to accelerate storage operations – from provisioning to time-to-resolution in troubleshooting, and lifecycle management.

With HCI powered by VMware vSAN, customers are able to move away from traditional siloed, ticket-based storage provisioning that takes weeks, and adopt a single-team model that can provision compute and storage in minutes. The key to vSAN’s accelerated storage provisioning is storage policy-based management (SBPM), which allows the VI Admin to describe the storage requirements and lets vSAN take care of implementation and remediation.

Organizations leveraging VMware vSAN also achieve efficient, centralized software and full server-stack firmware lifecycle operations through direct integration with vSphere Lifecycle Manager (vLCM). vLCM provides a unified solution for administrators to manage operations for vSAN clusters, from installation to updates and decommissioning. By managing at the cluster level, vLCM ensures vSAN customers have consistent and up-to-date software, firmware, and drivers across all ESXi hosts in the cluster.

Simplified Management of Hybrid Cloud

As data center modernization advances, hybrid cloud is becoming the new operating model. VMware vSAN enables consistent processes in a hybrid cloud architecture. vSAN customers can manage a mix of VM- and container-based applications, deployed across a mix of on-premises data center, public cloud and edge with one consistent toolset, reducing training requirements, consolidating siloed teams and expediting time-to-value.

VMware’s vast portfolio of cloud solutions utilizes VMware HCI powered by vSAN on-premises and in the cloud, delivering consistent infrastructure and consistent operations wherever workloads are deployed. VMware also offers the only HCI solution to have full stack services with AWS, Azure, GCP, Alibaba, Oracle, IBM Cloud, and over 500 other public cloud providers, further simplifying cross-cloud workload migration.

Consistent, comprehensive management across clouds allows businesses to break down the silos between infrastructure teams, creating a single IT team. With a unified operating model, organizations of all sizes can increase business agility, cut operating expenses, and reduce risk everywhere applications are deployed.

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