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vExpert 2023 Second Half Applications Are Open: A Revamped Approach

We’ve put together a vExpert Best Practice Guide and we’ve enhanced the application path selection, voting ,and appeal processes. Our guide covers paths, suggest what to include/avoid in your application, outlines the voting and appeal processes. Read the Guide and Apply Today to Join the vExpert Community

Discover the Latest Updates:
1. vExpert Best Practice Guide
Bidirectional Messaging System
Application “Pending” Status
VMTN Moderator Application Path

Key Application Dates: Application submissions closes June 30th @8am PST. Voting starts the week of July 3rd. Awards will be announced on or before July 21st, just before VMware Explore – Las Vegas which means you can join the vExperts at the vExpert + Community party.

#1. The vExpert Best Practice Guide: In my opinion, this is the most important update out of the four. The guide is new and covers topics which I believe will help fill in gaps to provide a better understanding of what we are looking for and what you should include in your application and what to avoid from putting in your application. We cover vExpert Application Paths, Application data and what to include/avoid, The Application Review Process, and Voting Process. We also touch on VMUG Community Contribution Opportunities & How to Get Involved, and the final topic in the guide touches on one piece you can do to grow your network using the Follow Me Thread. View the Guide and Apply for the 2023 vExpert Program.

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#vExpert 2023 Second Half Applications Are Open through June 30th at 8am. The vExpert Best Practice Guide at vexpert.vmware.com covers: paths, applications, voting & appeal processes and more. Apply today! Click To Tweet

#2 Bidirectional Messaging System: Engage in Q&A with vExpert PROs & Applicants: This new app allows seamless communication between vExpert PROs & Applicants during the voting period. We can also use this app when processing appeals which will help speed up the process. As we review applications and appeals, there may be questions to ensure informed decision-making. So in order for us to make an informed decision we need to contact the applicants in an efficient way. This new messaging system is pretty easy to use and allows the person reviewing the app or appeal to easily message the applicant. When you receive a message, you will see an alert next to “Messages” (see image below) along with an email letting you know you have a message.

#3 Application Pending Status: To avoid miscommunication and provide a clearer application evaluation process, we have introduced the Pending status. In some instances, applications may require additional information or clarification for better decision-making. Previously, email communication that resulted in no response often led to the selection of “Not Ready” status, even when we simply had questions instead of a denial.

In each Not Ready email, we would include the reason for denial, but not everyone reads their email thoroughly, leading to misunderstandings. To address this, the introduction of the Pending status aims to clarify the need for further information. If you receive a Pending status email, it means we have a question or require clarification regarding your application data before we can decide to approve or not. We provide a 14-day timeframe for response. Failure to respond within this period will result in the application status changing to Not Ready. This change ensures a fair and comprehensive evaluation process while minimizing confusion.

#4 VMTN Moderator Application Path: One notable addition we have made is the introduction of the VMTN Moderator path and VMTN Moderator badge. Paths play a crucial role in identifying applicants and aiding us in making informed decisions during the review and voting process. Among the six paths available, three of them are auto-approval paths for applicants who are verified program participants or title holders. These paths include VMUG Leaders, VCDX, and VMTN Moderators.

We have always recognized the significant volunteer contributions of VMTN Moderators to the community on the VMTN Community Platform. Therefore, it seemed fitting to create a dedicated path specifically for them during the application process. VMTN Moderators who apply and pass verification have consistently been awarded vExpert status. This acknowledges the valuable community work they undertake.

The deadline for application submission is June 30th at 8am PST. Make sure to finalize and submit your application before this time. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!