vExpert Portal – Major Updates to Application Process

We’ve made some exciting new changes for visitors, applicants and vExperts. We’ve updated the vExpert application, the directory, licenses, perks (prev. vExpert Freebies), Badges and Events & Opportunities. We’ll cover each update below. *note application updates are for the vExpert program only and not currently available for sub-programs “yet”.

vExpert Application Process Changes

Applications for the vExpert 2nd Half Awards are now open. Applications will lock on June 23rd and become final. On June 23rd we will start voting on applications and announce the 2022 Second Half Awards on July 11th.

Since applications are now open year round, the vExpert award announcements still happen in February and July/Aug. What has changed is when you can apply. Rather than waiting for applications to open and remember all the hard work you did, you can now update your application anytime. Applications are always open (except when voting) so it makes it easier for you to note your work as you go vs remembering all the hard work you did in the past. When you visit the application for the first time since your last application, you’ll notice that your previous application was imported for you. Each previous application that was voted on will populate so you have the latest data in your app.

Applications will be locked during the voting process which is typically three weeks before the February announcement and two weeks before the July/Aug announcement. We will post application lock dates as we get closer for each application period as we did above.

We also made the application a bit more streamlined and easier to fill out. You can also add in your VMware Advocacy points and you can now pick which vExpert PRO helped you with your application. You can see all your application history from the application page. This will show your past apps, app data and the results from each application period. Application appeals are now handled through the site vs filling out forms for the appeal. You can find this by clicking Apply > “Show Application History”.

There’s also a new VMUG Leader path which makes it much easier to identify and verify which makes the application process faster so we can push results sooner. As a VMUG Leader you’ll still be asked the same information in the application which is important to list everything and not just that you’re a leader. If you’re just a leader that’s enough community work to receive the vExpert award but if you have more, please add it in so we can assign you the VMUG Leader badge as well as other badges that pertain to you based on the application.

Events & Opportunities

The Events & Opportunities section is where you’ll find past and upcoming events. These include webinars and in person events like VMware Explore. You can look up a previous webinar or you can choose VMware Explore and let us know if you’re planning on attending. This data is very important that it’s as accurate as possible. By checking that you’re attending an event we are using these numbers to make sure we plan events like the vExpert Party or if plan to purchase gifts for vExperts.

vExpert Directory

The vExpert directory is now 900% faster, seriously. You can search by country as well as find vExperts Twitter & LinkedIn accounts.

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We have also added the expiration date to the license portal and a comment section. Comments will not be visible here, you’ll need to click the edit button to see them. Comments can be very long and tend to create layout issues with long bits of text so this is the format, but I may request a flag so it’s easier to see which licenses have comments.

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Perks Page (prev vExpert Freebies)

The Perks page has replaced the old Freebies section we had a while back. This is where you’ll find all VMware, VMware Partner, and Community Perks for being a vExpert. Some companies give NFR’s, and others give away gifts at VMware Explore and other conferences. This is a great way to see all the rewards from the community in one place. If you are a VMware Partner and have an offering for vExperts, please email to get it added in our Perks page.


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