vExpert security subprogram leadership has changed

We are excited to introduce the new vExpert security leadership team. I am Victor Monga.

Rick McElroy, Brooke Leslie, and I are the vExpert Security leaders.  Rick is the Principle Cybersecurity Strategist, Brook is Security Marketing – Evangelist and I am a Technical Marketing Architect within the Security Business Unit at VMware.  Going forward we will be your point of contact.

We are cybersecurity enthusiasts and get involved beyond our day-to-day jobs. This is why we are here, to share with you and to promote the community by creating a space to access and share knowledge.

This is the opportunity for us to reconnect with you and reinforce community partnerships.

Our ambition is to build upon the existing foundation and incorporate new ideas that address cybersecurity industry challenges. During the next 12 to 18 months, our goal is to continue improving the program by facilitating a two-way communication with vExperts. We intend to incorporate your feedback and enhance the existing program.

Our next step is to set up quarterly calls with vExpert Security members. The community will drive the deliverables of this program and we will tailor the program to our members needs.

Alone we go faster, together we go further, the same goes for this community.  As we are starting to strategize we will seek active participation from the community and engage with key topics. We request our members to stay active by participating in group discussions, posting on social media and promoting the vExpert program. However, we want our members to be more than that and become the evangelists of the program.

You are the voice we want to hear and so do others, spread the word!

COMING SOON: Community call – August 26, 2021

In the meantime, you can get hands-on learning by using VMware Testdrive or HOL.

One of the perks of being a vExpert, is your full access to the TestDrive portal now. Under intrinsic-security products, you can find 2 experiences of Carbon Black. As you go through it if you have feedback for us. Please let us know.

Our communication methods:

vExpert-security (private channel) Slack channel

Additional resources to review:


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